One more thing

I’m actually Vita, but I’m logged in as Skid. I have one more thing to say:

In leaving behind Decay Preserves, I may have, ironically, found their greatest defense. It is no argument, no defense, no justification at all. Look at the pictures in the Tour Decay blog posts. There we are, in Cecilia’s abandoned sheet-metal factory. The building and the space it creates have a dignity and grace of their own, which are in part the results of decay. The absurdity of that statement really gets at the heart of what decay preserves offer: the existence of things and beings, in and of themselves, for no justifying reason outside of themselves. They bring us by this path to simple existence. There it is, in front of you. And there you are, you and you alone. In the space of the decay preserve, know that you are and where you are. What else is there?

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