Dash, here, again:
Regarding Decay Preserves, I seem to be at heart an old-fashioned sort of purist. There’s a lot of talk of usecreeping into our discussions of DPs. Places that could be Decay Preserve appeal to me for their own sake, not because they serve any purpose that most of the people most of the time take to be useful. In the interest of full disclosure, as public radio is always saying, I have my own use for DPs: putting little pieces of writing in them, maybe making a little music, with no audience at all except for any homeless people who might happen to be hiding out there. I suppose that simply to have the community convert decay into a Decay Preserve doesn’t really seems to be much more of a use. But feel like making like some old druidy phantasm with eyebrows you could stand on, pointing and moaning, “Beware the slippery slope!” 

Just sayin’.

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