The Gauntlet


Supporters of Decay Preserves, Karla (Red) Tucker and I are going to try something new in this blog: A debate conducted by blog posts between me and Red, the new co-directors of the Decay Preserves Initiative movement. The topic of the debate is, “What good do Decay Preserves accomplish?” I put this question or some form of it to Red after I saw a play, Party People, by the performance group UNIVERSES ( (You can see them discuss the play on this YouTube video post: The play compelled me to hold our project accountable to making a positive difference in America, for Americans. Well, at least in Washington for Washingtonians.

To test Decay Preserves with this challenge, Red and I will conduct a dialog in posts. More, we want you to contribute. So, please, dear readers, do send your thoughts about the Decay Preserves initiative project. We will respond to thoughtful comments that seem to call for a response.

Red, here lies the gauntlet: What good will Decay Preserves do?

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